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Hair Designer N' Colorist

Rosie posesses 25 years of experience in the hair industry which began with her extensive achievements in school programs.  While participating in these programs, she received the honor of being the most achieved hair stylist and was chosen to inspire others by being the focus of a highly successful continuing eduction DVD entitled "Faces of Success Vancouver, BC".  Rosie continued her training with Hatz and the studio continues to be honored with her talents.  She excells in working with the latest fashions and is the winner of many avant-garde fantasy hair competitions.  Rosie believes that her expression and design is reflected through her clients and her main goal is to create the best experience for them with a unique, personally designed combination of haircutting, color balancing, and make up application.  She takes the time to understand her client's vision and helps to create a design and image that satisfies their own needs and enhances their individuality.   In addition, Rosie generously donates her time and talents working with charities including the "I Am Beautiful" program with Dove and participating in various community events.


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